Pelargonium madam layal
Pelargonium brocade


There are 230 pelargonium species noted for their irregular flower shape, abundance of colors, and many hybrid varieties. We raise about 25 varieties, certified organic, including vine, scented, zonal and species pelargonium.  We usually have cuttings available throughout the year and plants in summer and fall.

Pelargoniums are often mistakenly called “geraniums”. IN fact, the beautiful and varied plants raised in window boxes and as house plants are actually pelargoniums. Geraniums and pelargoniums are entirely different groups of plants. True geraniums are shade loving outdoor perennials. “Johnson’s blue” is an example.

Pelargoniums, native to Southern Africa, have been popular house plants in New England since colonial times. Some release distinctive scents when they are touched. The ” ‘scent leafed ‘geraniums’ ” are said to have perfumed American grand ballrooms and mansions for a couple centuries.

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